Saturday, October 30, 2010

This isn't your normal Lowcountry Run

This past week while working in Birmingham, AL I decided to get in some trail running in to mix it up and see what the course looked like for the upcoming 50K in March of 2011: Oak Mountain 50K Living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina does not allow this type of training or anything that closely resembles it!!!

The course runs from the base of the mountains up to Pivine Falls, on ward to Shackleford Point with a quick decent back to the falls and returns back to the trail head. The total elevation change over the 50K is 3900 ft. I ran two the course over two days totalling 44 miles (20 Miles on Tuesday and 24 Miles on Wednesday) The trails were marked extremely well and after spending a few days back in Oak Mountain I can not wait to come back for the race in March!

The course itself was very steep, well at least for me being that an average 20 mile run in Bluffton, SC for me has less than 8 feet of elevation change! On Tuesday I ran from the trail head up to the overlook of Pivine falls and then decided to run all the way down to the base of the falls on Wednesday.

Tuesday night was beautiful, mid 70's with a cool breeze. I ran with my hip pack, trying to give my arms as much of a break as possible and took my head lamp with me. At the turn around point it was pitch dark, with complete cloud coverage. My head lamp batteries died with 4 miles to go so I had to use what little battery I had left in my cell phone... that got me all of another 2 miles with light. Lesson learned: keep extra batteries in my pack!!!

Wednesday was over cast and rainy all day. Occasionally a patch of sun would pop it's head out and warm things up to the upper 70's. About three miles into the run the sky opened up and it POURED for the next 8 miles. If this run wasn't going to break in my new trail shoes, I'm not sure what will. I was sloshing around in mid-calf deep puddles and was covered to the top of my waist with mud. The trail was still just as steep and now I had to deal with the raging rivers that were flowing down the trails in addition to just the run itself. Fortunately, i love to run in the rain! It was a great break from my iPod and just be able to clear my head and run stride over stride through the woods and the rain!!! When the rain finally stopped I was on the decent down to the base of Pivine Falls.

As quickly as I got there, I turned around and headed back home. Now know the trail markers tracking system, counting down the miles was extremely easy (they had mile markers every quarter mile so I ran from #1 to #48) The sun broke out on my way home and the run was absolutely amazing!

I can't wait to come back in March to do the full 50K over this beautiful course!!! 4 mores weeks till my first Ultra!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holly's Myrtle Beach Half PR

I have to give an HUGE shout out to Holly for busting out an amazing new personal best for the 1/2 marathon by over 28 minutes!!!
Jake ended up getting sick on Thursday so we cancelled our camping trip to Myrtle Beach for Holly's race. Holly ended up driving with Jessica, Christina and Gayle. I had a great weekend with the kids, we hit up the Bluffton Sea Food fest, drove into Savannah, had dinner at Cahills (YUM!) and spent the morning today watching Halloween movies!
Great job again Holly! That is amazing time with all you do! We are uber proud of you, now come home because we miss you!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

New toys!!! Camelbak 2011 Flash Flo LR

My newest toy in my running toy box is my Camelbak 2011 Flash Flo LR hydration pack. It is super lightweight and can hold up to 50oz of fluid with plenty of room for pinole, potato wedges and Gu (my favorite snacks on the go!!)
I wasn't sure how I'd like running with something around my waist, and thought that it might bounce too much, but the compression straps on the outside of the pack are PERFECT for cinching down to almost zero movement! This is also handy as you are drinking and the bladder reduces in size.
The only down fall is the original length of the the waterline. I had to trim it down considerably after my first run and is held in place my two separate quick releases on the waist strap.
So far my longest run with my Flash Flo has been 15 miles but has worked out perfectly! The pack is HIGHLY reflective which is great for night running and is day-glo yellow for extra visibility during the daylight hours! I paid $39.00 at Kinnucan's in Auburn, AL and it has been worth every penny.

5 out of 5 Strides rating on this product!

For more color options and more specifics check out camelbak's website at: (this is a personal opinion and I was not compensated for this review, but I am more than happy to review your products)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New type of training

It's been a very long time since I have posted anything to my blog site, and quite honestly I was never very good about posting on a regular basis... Since my last posting (Nov 2009) a lot has been going in my World. The Running Club that we started on Nov. 29th, Palmetto Pacers ( has taken off at an insane rate. We just hosted our first Club Event, the First Annual Palmetto Pacers Pumpkin Chaser 5k and had a great turn out!

I've also decided to take my training in a new direction... going long instead of fast. The goals that I set for myself this year fell by the way side, but not due to the lack of trying... rather, age is catching up with me. Sure, I can still pull in age grouper awards at the local 5k's but I am at my peak regarding finishing times. No matter how much speed work, tempo runs, LSD you name it... my times are holding firm... So time to set a new goal and a new focus, going long... REALLY LONG!!!

I signed up for my first Ultra on Nov 20th, the Mad Marsh 50K in Beaufort, SC and we'll see how it goes. My long runs have been great!!! Very steady and very focused. After running a 2 hour 15 miler this week, I hopped into bed and awake the next morning feeling fresh and ready to go for more. I'm utilizing ice baths and stretch every chance I get. Everyone I have spoken to within the Ultra community have been (pun intended) Ultra helpful... with tips on nutrition, training, you name it!

I'm going into this new training world excited and ready to get pushing forward... Let's see if my new motivation gets me back on track with my blog... Here's to training healthy!