Thursday, October 21, 2010

New type of training

It's been a very long time since I have posted anything to my blog site, and quite honestly I was never very good about posting on a regular basis... Since my last posting (Nov 2009) a lot has been going in my World. The Running Club that we started on Nov. 29th, Palmetto Pacers ( has taken off at an insane rate. We just hosted our first Club Event, the First Annual Palmetto Pacers Pumpkin Chaser 5k and had a great turn out!

I've also decided to take my training in a new direction... going long instead of fast. The goals that I set for myself this year fell by the way side, but not due to the lack of trying... rather, age is catching up with me. Sure, I can still pull in age grouper awards at the local 5k's but I am at my peak regarding finishing times. No matter how much speed work, tempo runs, LSD you name it... my times are holding firm... So time to set a new goal and a new focus, going long... REALLY LONG!!!

I signed up for my first Ultra on Nov 20th, the Mad Marsh 50K in Beaufort, SC and we'll see how it goes. My long runs have been great!!! Very steady and very focused. After running a 2 hour 15 miler this week, I hopped into bed and awake the next morning feeling fresh and ready to go for more. I'm utilizing ice baths and stretch every chance I get. Everyone I have spoken to within the Ultra community have been (pun intended) Ultra helpful... with tips on nutrition, training, you name it!

I'm going into this new training world excited and ready to get pushing forward... Let's see if my new motivation gets me back on track with my blog... Here's to training healthy!

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  1. Hey, Waz!
    Congrats on signing up for your first Ultra. You will be blown away by how helpful the Ultra community is...In fact, I've found that ultra running is basically not even the same sport as distance running :).

    Hope to see you on the trails - I'm going to check out the Mad Marsh 50K