Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DN-DNF Chase the Sun Ultra

DN-DNF Explained

This past weekend I race in the inaugural Chase for the Sun Ultra in Savannah, GA put on by Run 4 a Reason, aka, Dan Hernandez and Tony Varney. The race included a 6 and 12 hour option over a 1.87 mile loop course with a single Aid Station located a the start/ finish line.

I registered for the 12 hour Race the night that registration opened. I looked at this race as a great end of summer build-up that would take me into the Fall racing season. After a dismal summer in which I logged my first two DNF’s back-to-back at the Chattanooga Stage Race and the Viaduct 150, I decided to back down to the 6 hour event and make sure that I had a good run.

My goals for the race was simple, break it up into six 1-hour segments.

My race plan would look like this:

            Hour 1:           4 Laps
            Hour 2:           4 Laps
            Hour 3:           3 Laps
            Hour 4:           3 Laps
            Hour 5:           3 Laps
            Hour 6:           3 Laps

Logging in a total of 20 laps or 37.4 miles. At least that was the plan.

When the race started several relay teams took off flying! Two team in the 12 hour race had goals of logging a 100 day. I settled into comfortable 8:00 mile pace for first two hours and felt very fresh. The heat turned up fast! I started shedding layers on the first lap and it only got warmer as the day went on.

I held onto my race plan until the 5th lap and only completed 2 laps. But I realized that I was having fun, chatting with old friends and new as we went around and around. The fun part was something that I really needed after not finishing my last two races.

I wrapped up my last lap with 5 minutes to go until the race ended, but was pleased with how I felt and didn’t feel the need to head back out for “just one more”. I logged in a very comfortable 33.66 miles and was please with my first DN-DNF of the Summer.

Next up I have FATS 50K on October 6th and Pinhoti 100 on November 2nd. See you on the trail!!!

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