Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drink up!

Well my Video Blog took a little different direction today, I mainly focused on a question that was asked on my last post: "what do you drink during and after your workouts?" During my Video Blog I mentioned "Waz-ade" you can follow this link to get the recipe: http://www.davidhays.net/running/sportsdrink.html
Use the Recipe #2, I prefer to use Orange-Pineapple Juice rather than just straight Orange Juice.

Training has been very productive over the last and had some great workouts over the weekend! I am racing this weekend in Hardeeville, SC a 5k-20k-5k Duathlon. I am using this as a workout and and not "racing" but I am excited about the event!

The kids are doing great! Izzy had to get a round of shots yesterday and is limping a little because her fat little leg is swollen. She's still hopping around with a smile on her face! Jake is awesome! He can now "read" his first book ("Just Me and My Dad") he has remembered the words to the entire book and repeats them with each page!!! Mommy is the only one that can beat Jake in Candyland!!!

Thats all for now! Had issues getting this video up but its here now!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Okay a few questions A: are you fake drinking in the beginning of your videos? b: I'm interested in hearing about your heart rate during your training- do you do interval work getting your rate up to its maximum? How much swimming do you include in your training?

  2. Tim, I know that other supplements are for muscle development more than cardio, but I've been putting glutamine and creatine in my recovery drink (along with whey protein and Tang for the carbs and to keep it from tasting like, well, vomit!). Ever tried that sort of thing?

  3. Homer comment: I have a rabbit ear TV in my study! And today, I realized that my shower radio that tunes into TV (I like to listen to the Today Show while I get ready) is analog! Duh....