Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009

Well this is the first post in over a week, and I think Igot everyone's questions answered... both from here and Facebook!

Be sure to leave your question below, more in line for tomorrow!


  1. Tim, are you running Disney next year? Any tips?


  2. Anthony,

    Are you asking about the Dinsey Marathon or the Disney Triathlon?

    I have never done the Disney Triathlon weekend, but have done the Marathon weekend several times!

    The one thing tha I will tell you is... get plenty of sleep starting on Thursday night! YOu need to be at the race staging area between 3-4am to start lineing up. Plus travel time via shuttles over to the starting lines... you can't drive and park,you have to take a shuttle!!! Also, Jan in FL can be misleading, it is still pretty chilly and one year it was in the upper 30's... take a "throw away" outfit just to stay warm for the 4+hours that you are standing around prior to the startof the race! Disney donates all the clothes after the event as well... hope that answeres your question! Make sure you "follow" my blog below, feel free to ask anything else!

    take care and good luck with your racing!!!