Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

I’m on the road again this week… heading to Madison, WI to help with the pre-opening of our Cambria Suites Madison property.

This past weekend was our 13th Annual Wazapalooza Family reunion in Maryville, TN. We had a great time and had kids aged: 7,6,5,4,3,2, and 1… We get together every year over the Fourth of July and camp out in my parents front yard. Rocky Eulo and his family have come over for the last 6 years and always adds to the fun!!! Roc and I went to High School together in Spring Hill, Florida and graduated in 1994! The good ole’ days!

Family Update:
Jake’s soccer is going great! This past week, it was 101 degree as we got to his practice, but Jake was a champ and jumped right out onto the field… Jake impressed his coach with his ability to dribble the ball with different parts of his foot and his coordination of bouncing the ball off his knee and then catching it… we’ve been working on that one!!! When Jake wrapped up practice, he ran off the field and said, “let’s go camping now!” as Izzy sprayed water on his neck and cooled him off with a fan… what a great little sister!
Izzy has been going to “fun gym” each Friday for the past 4 weeks and loves it. She is a little mad woman on the trampoline! She has the cutiest little leotard that she wears and looks like a rock star!!! She’s the funniest little girl I’ve ever seen!

Training update:
It was been over a week since I worked out last. I have taken over some new roles with work that has taken a little extra this past week, getting everything with my reports and layouts… but mainly… I’ve been lazy! I am looking forward to staying at the Cambria Suites this week as the fitness center in the hotel is AMAZING!!! It’s not your typical Hotel fitness center with one broken treadmill and a stairmaster! It is a full sized gym-style fitness center with free weights and a full room of nautilus and aerobic equipment. I am planning on running each day this week and then hopping on my bike this weekend. My swim is still so far out of my daily training routine, but I’m not worried about that! I also would like to find a race in a month or so that Holly and I can do together in a relay…

The Tour de France has kicked off nicely with Astana having 3 riders in the top 10 after 2 stages! Go Astana! I am completely missing out on today stage as I am typing this from 32,000 feet on an Airtran flight. I cannot wait till Tuesday for the Team Time Trial…. Astana should blow this up as they truly are the best Team this year on paper! Great job to American Rider Dave Z. too!!!

That’s all for today…. A new video blog should be up later today! And that’s the World According to Waz!

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