Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back again...

Well I am the world worst blogger... either that or have just been busier than hell lately! I have been on the road the last few weeks so I will use that as my excuse!!!

Last week I was in Lake Lanier, GA for our annual conference with HP Hotels. I got in some great runs, 2 great bike rides and a few swims. Two of those swims were open water and mainly for fun!!! but the distance and the practice of the open water swims were still good!

All in all the training on the road has been pretty decent! Holly and I have several bike races coming up and then my triathlon on the 19th.

Look I got all of 3 short paragraphs down... thats better than usual.

See ya at the finish line!

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  1. Hi thanks for the interest in my blog - I am just amazed at ppl that can do Tri events - I can only focus on one thing!!