Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back in the swing of things

I realized this past week that I may just be the worst blogger. I very rarely post and when I have they have been inconsistant... but as in life, we can only try to get better!

As a side note if you are new to reading my blog... the video's to the right are actually my video blog. Be sure to follow me on Youtube to keep up with the most recent in's and out's!

Back on the road: Once again it took getting my race schedule set to really start driving my training... my Hard Core training that is! The wifey and I both now have several great events on the books between now and Nov! My "A" race is set for Sept 19th and I and right where I want to be for that event.

I could not be more proud of Holly for getting her races on the books! She has 2 bike races and a road race set. At the same time she is looking for a sprint tri in Oct to add to her schedule! What a rock star!

That's it for tonight! Blog at you soon!

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