Monday, August 31, 2009

Jake's first day of School

So my little man left this morning for his first day of school... Everyone always says that you wont believe how fast time goes by, enjoy thm while they are little... well everyone was right and then some!!!

For being at home with mama for the first 4 years of his life, jake got up and got dresses, had breakfast and then grabbed his backpack and headed out the door.

Holly and I thought that we got to spend the first week with him to get him adjusted to school, but quickly found out that this was not the case... Jake still headed in to feed Kiko the class room bird as mama slipped out the door...

Another 30 minutes till we get to pick him up... I know that he'll be fine, but he will always be my baby boy and I still worry! Can't wait to go pick him up!!!


  1. Oh man, I remember that first day, well.... just like it was yesterday. My "baby boy" just started his first day of college a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy these years man, they go by quickly. We have a 4th grader and a high school freshman too. Cherish each moment man!

  2. wait a minute. (worlds colliding!) are you THE tim waz?? from Spring Hill, Florida??? I saw you commenting on another tri blog I read (I just started triathloning myself) and it led me here. Am I correct????