Friday, August 7, 2009

A sweeter side of Tim... Cakes

Well I would have never guessed in a million years that I would be posting these, but I have had such a awesome request via Twitter to show a few more of my sweet creations that I have made recently.

This was my most recent creation, Optimus Prime for Jake's 4th Birthday party tomorrow... I think it turned out great... I did some how misplace a full container or red icing somewhere in my house, dont ask me how, but I did!!! We'll see how yummy this one was tomorrow!!!

This was not one that I was proud of, kind of a last minute cake before running out the door to the in-laws for Easter...

This guys is Jake's best friend! Barney the dog... he is a blanket that looks like the body of a dog, with a stuffed head. jake take him everywhere! Izzy has a Lulu, which is a pink Barney!!! Jake also requested this one

This was a random cake I made for Jake, I asked him what kind he wanted and he said a Turkey... So there you have it!!!

This cake was for Izzy's first Birthday... This was a great tasting cake!!! We were licking the plate afterwards! Strawberry on strawberry!!! Mmmm mmmm good!

This was a fun Wall-e cake that I made for Jake when we first bought the movie... It was a little lop-sided but it was still fun!

Those were just afew of the most recent ones... Just another side of me. it's really just an excuse to get creative for a while!!! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did making them!


  1. Tim! You are an artist! Who would have guessed that you could design cakes?! That's awesome, and shows how well balanced your life is. Love that! Loved the pinata, too!

  2. These are great man! I've made B-day cakes for my kids too. Lots of fun. Will never forget the year I made my then 3-yr-old daughter a Barbie cake. You know the one where you stick a real Barbie down into a domed-shaped cake which makes her dress. Well, the barbie was too tall, so I took off her legs so she would fit into the cake. Worked fine. Well, until I cut the cake. Without thinking, I cut right uner her body to remove the doll so I could cut the slices. My daughter saw me do this and thought I had cut her legs off. She screamed bloody murder! LOL!!! She's 14 now and I still tease her about this.